A strong identity is critical for a sense of belonging and pride. It also enables a place to successfully attract activity, talent and investment. To be lasting, it needs to be memorable and meaningful – or locals won’t adopt it and it will require significant marketing investment to grow.

Our rationale for identity development noted that:

“Authentic laneways are emerging in an area of unique character, history and people. There is an opportunity to take a coordinated approach to destination development. A new identity with strong values can support a cohesive community and thriving destination, shaped by the people of the place.”

The identity that was proposed by Josh Thompson works on multiple levels.

Firstly, it is an acronym that reflects our physical location: the locality of St Asaph, Lichfield and Tuam Streets.

Secondly, it reflects its position as the southern alternative to the glossier CBD and retail precinct.

Thirdly, it represents a range of values that really resonate for the Community of Place.

Our brand values: SALT District is set apart by character and liveliness; a warmth of historical and natural materials combine with innovation to bring a longevity of place. This included scattered paving, the likeness of salt.


The area will be a thriving wellspring of abundance: people, places, dining, markets, innovation hubs, office spaces, gathering spaces, greenery, growth & health.

SALT definition: “A crystalline compound NaCl that consists of sodium chloride, is abundant in nature”


Salt is used to season, to add flavour. The area will be scattered with exciting pops of flavour and zest.

SALT definition: “An ingredient that gives savour, piquancy, or zest”


We preserve the history of the surrounding area, and our connection to nature with new urban landscapes featuring raingardens and ecosystem services.

SALT definition: “Used especially to season or preserve”

Life & Vigour

A place for urban living and learning. Innovation, education and community.

SALT definition: “A people – full of life, vigour, and the salt of personality”


An innovative, efficient and effective growth area. Cohesive new workplace communities cultivate valuable connections and business relationships.

SALT definition: “Great value and effectiveness – worth one’s salt”

Health & Wellbeing

Organic, purifying and cleansing. Biodiverse gardens help bring native birds and butterflies back into the city, connecting us to the environment and showing how nature works to support humanity. Salts are ubiquitous in natural materials, from stone to plants. The Story of Stone celebrates the spiritual, mythological and functional values of stone to mana whenua and in every garden ionic salts keep plants in balance.

SALT definition: “A mineral or saline mixture used as cathartic”


In a dependable act of community, people will work together to help care for, manage and develop the area to become an effective district full of character, flavour and life, an atmosphere of kindness and wellbeing and to shout that from the rooftops.

SALT definition: “A dependable, steadfast person or group of people — usually used in the phrase “salt of the earth”