SALT Colletive Charitable Trust

Mike Percasky (founding trustee)

Property Investor & Placemaker

Mike’s enjoyed partnering with other mixed-use investors to really help bring the city and SALT District forward, including work to save the McKenzie & Willis façade. He says, “Thousands of people have worked so hard over the past years and have turned a pile of rubble into one of the coolest cities. I love the way SALT District is developing. So many people have put everything they own into the shops, restaurants and bars that open out onto the laneways — they are the people who will stamp their identity on the laneways."

Former trustee - James Meharry (founding)

NZ Music, Radio & Event Production

James has been the Managing Director of the volunteer organisation RDU98.5 FM for more than a dozen years, with a focus on celebrating regional broadcasting and music. His 20 year career in the music industry also includes a decade in event management, producing a number of festivals and touring. He has a love for vinyl records and aside from being a veteran DJ, has a part-time vocation as the production engineer for In Real Life vinyl record mastering. Other personal interests include custom vintage motorcycles, graphic design and typography.

Former trustee - Dr Stuart Charters (founding)

ICT, Education & Future of Learning

Stuart hails from the UK but has made Christchurch his home. He’s a tech educator, dad of three and outdoors enthusiast. He is currently the Director of SIGNAL, ICT Graduate School based at the EPIC Innovation Campus, and an academic at Lincoln University. Stuart is excited to be playing a part in helping to grow and develop people for the tech community, feeding the thriving innovation ecosystem with new talent.

Rod Thomson (founding)

Foodie, Events & Cooperatives

Rod thrives in edgy settings at the junction of food, family and fun. He and his sons are behind BASE Woodfired Pizza at Little High Eatery. Their pizza adventure began in 2010 at RE:Start Container Mall as a way of helping bring life back to the city. Soon their food truck, ‘Food by Fire’, was bringing the joy of shared food to all sort of festivities. Rod helped a collaborative kitchen idea become the Little High we know and love today. He loves sparking the kind of plans that work for everyone, from buskers to businesses.

Hadley McLachlan (founding)

Finance, Infrastructure & Not-for-Profit

After more than eleven years spent working overseas in finance, private equity and infrastructure, Hadley returned to NZ with his family in 2017 to live in Christchurch. Hadley has recently been focused on commercial property investment activities and he owns several properties (including three in SALT District). He’s excited to help make awesome things happen in SALT.

Selina Faimalo (Chair)

Creative social enterprise & project manager

Selina joined SALT Collective from The Conscious Club at Boxed Quarter in SALT District. The Conscious Club run ethical events with purpose.

Selina is outgoing, enthusiastic and driven for change around social and environmental issues we face in today’s society. As a UK-born Samoan, Selina is passionate about her roots and engaging with the Polynesian community in Aotearoa.

Selina loves putting together events, and as wearer of many hats, also runs a creative social enterprise called Bee Weave, using weaving as a tool for artworks and donating 10% of sales to a charity working towards saving the bees, is a member of the World Economic Forum Global Shapers Christchurch Hub, and works as an Employment Advisor at Ara Institute of Canterbury.

Currently, Selina is Project Manager for the FLARE Ōtautahi Street Art Festival 2022.

Leon Mooney (founding)

Coworking, SMEs & Community Curator

Leon has been a resident of the SALT District since the beginning and is loving the way everything is coming together. An experienced people leader, he has a solid history of community management and growing and developing sales and operations teams. Leon owns and runs the popular, inclusive and inspiring Saltworks coworking space. His two small children, cycling and an interest in property investment keep him plenty busy outside of his daily work routine.

Former trustee - Katy Clook (founding)

Copywriter, Strategic Creative & Youth

Katy Clook is co-boss of Friday Creative. She and her business partner, to whom she’s married, brought their brand development studio to the SALT District for its vibe, energy and compelling cool. A Brit, Katy came to NZ in search adventure and stayed for the amazing sense of home she found in Christchurch and its people. She’s an advocate for the arts, including music and dance. Katy has two adult sons and her enthusiasm for being part of SALT Collective extends to finding new ways for the city’s young people to feel pride, belonging and excitement in a vibrant, rejuvenated Christchurch.

The award-winning Friday Creative team are the creative brains behind the design and development of SALT District's website.

Former trustee - Chris Meyer

Business Owner

I am Chris, father to wee Harper Rose, The Coffee Monster & a SALT District business owner. I am super passionate about the creativity in Christchurch, especially the street art that SALT District embraces so well. Coming from a graffiti background I absolutely love the colour, inspiration & showcase of talent. I look forward to stimulating some exciting & effective conversations around how to increase the impact of SALT District in Chch city.

Chris Coromandel

Advocacy & Relationships

When Chris joined us at SALT Collective, Chris had an innovation role at Vodafone's South Island HQ in SALT District's Vanguard Square. These days his focus has shifted to youth, and you can find him at Unicef Aotearoa, where he is Advocacy & Relationship Manager.