You’re now in the SALT District.

172.6409° E
43.5358° S

SALT is a compelling part of the Christchurch experience. Expect world-class fashion and top-notch eats, drinks and pampering hot spots. Explore new laneways and wander old streets. Check out eye-popping street art and take in the inner-city vibe with its original facades and gleaming new structures.

Today’s Christchurch looks way different from that of pre-2011. Although we lost some heritage in the big shakes we gained some contemporary cool and heaps of exciting new spaces.

From these changes, and thanks to some dedicated locals, the SALT District emerged. Our place is yours. Join us.

Salt of the Earth: A dependable, steadfast person or group of people.

SALT District locals have character and true grit. Whether we run a business here, work here or live here, the one thing everyone has in common is that we’ve all chosen to be here.

We’re like-minded people, shaping a bright future in a connected, caring community. We’re innovators, entrepreneurs and hospitality superstars. We’re a network of progressive professionals and the fearless young, carving our way ahead. We’re creatives and changemakers focused on social impact. We’re all people with purpose.

A grassroots neighbourhood-building initiative led by locals

Together we’re shaping SALT District into the coolest little neighbourhood in Ōtautahi Central.

Sustainable urban regeneration is a people’s movement that succeeds through support and collaboration. So, we chose to form a neighbourhood entity that would make it easier for locals to work together and bring ideas to life. SALT Collective Charitable Trust was incorporated in October 2019.

As well as creating benefits for today we’re helping to create legacy for SALT District and for the city for generations to come.

The SALT Collective is aligned with the Town Team Movement – an award-winning international approach to place governance.

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The neighbourhood is the boss

The SALT Collective Charitable Trust exists to support collective action. It enables and empowers the community by helping to unlock opportunities and resolve challenges.

Our volunteer trustees are a mix of community-driven professionals and engaged individuals from all over the district. Their commitment and collective experience in diverse sectors helps us connect the dots in a way that siloes can’t.

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Ready to join the community?

Everyone is valued. And everyone can contribute something of value. Whether it’s time, skills and ideas, or funds to help us grow, or energy to put political pressure on our city’s systems and drive change – however you’d like to contribute, let’s get you on our team.

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“The people of SALT District are doing it.”

— Christchurch Mayor, Lianne Dalziel

“Whether it’s active citizens, connected communities or a healthy environment, SALT District is exactly the kind of movement that takes us closer to the city we all want. How can we support SALT? How can we replicate this?”

— Councillor Sara Templeton

“They inspire everyone to look at the untapped potential of our neighbourhoods to regenerate the city.”

—Tim Loftus, GM Marketing, ChristchurchNZ economic and tourism development agency, and former GM Brand for Kathmandu Global