Here is a list of many of the collaborative efforts that folks in SALT District have made over the last few years. Over the coming weeks, we will aim to create a small blog for each of these to share our story and insights.

Feel free to let us know any burning questions.

Current collabs & initiatives >>

2021  World Wide Walls

2021  Musical City Working Group [musical ecosystem + night time economy]

2021  Creative Internships – Ara X SALT

2020 SALT District Clean Up by Yoga by Kotte, Bacon Brothers & SALT District - 21 Nov  

2020  OHO Arts Carnival at BOXed Quarter - 21 Nov

2020 Placemaking Hui coming up 2 Dec at SALTworks - 20 Nov

Ongoing ARCC (see presentation below)

Completed collabs & initiatives >>

6 Nov 2020 Creative Hoardings Behind Smash Palace

4 Oct 2020 Family Day at Little High

26 Sep 2020 Art Takeover at B&W Coffee Origins

11 Sep 2020 SALT District & Friends Friday Big Clean

5 Aug 2020 Living in SALT District – Tour of One Central living options

31 Jul 2020 SHIFT Cooperative Innovation Mini-Conference (presentation)

28 Jul 2020 Let’s have a box! A very exciting stadium alternative (presentation)

28 Jul 2020 Street Art Central (presentation)

21 Jul 2020 ARCC – another way to create an inner-city (presentation)

7 May 2020 Town Team Virtual Happy Hour – with Hutt City & SALT District (presentation)

24 Apr 2020 Virtual Impact Unconference 2020 (digi-conference)

20 Mar 2020 Action in a Time of Isolation: Join the Conversation (NZ/AU placemaking discussion)

20-21 Feb 2020 SALTY Buskers Club

31 Jan, 21, 28 Feb 2020 RDU Sound Circuit 2020

13 Dec 2019 Cotters Lane Mural (street art turning negatives into positives)

28 Nov 2019 SALT District awarded Best Major Place Project, Place Leaders Asia Pacific Awards

5 Oct 2019 HIGHLIGHT Street Art Party

Oct 2019 Incredible animated mapped projection developed for SALT mural. Learn more here.

17 Sep 2019 SALT Collective established at neighbourhood hui; SALT Collective accepts the Town Team Charter and joins the Town Team Movement; SALT Collective agree to form the proposed charitable trust and nominate volunteer trustees!

13 Sep 2019 Livestreamed to SALT District / Discovering Place Conference

24 Aug 2019 #shopfrontdummies – Post-punk live music installation – PLUME X JOY X Libeau

8 May 2019 Mind-bending mural turns heads (and puts SALT Ōtautahi on the map!) Learn more here.
May 2019 PPP secures powerful projector for the city; installed in SALT as primary host location.
(PPP: Development Christchurch Ltd., ChristchurchNZ, Christchurch City Council, and SALT District investors)

2017 Kathmandu Laneway Art

15 Dec 2017 Community-led Housewarming Party  (Evolution Square Opening)  Watch videos: Here, here, and here.

Things in the pipeline >>

NZ Hip Hop Summit

Vacant lot soccer pitch

Laneway Parklet

Vegan Mākete at Vanguard Square

Lusher laneways


Our first AGM

Sustainable hospitality - universally reuseable coffee cups for SALT District cafes

Walking Festival 2021

End of Year Review for 2020

Monthly SALT District Cleanups

Salt of the Earth Walking Group

Ridiculous National Champs

Long Lunch


Things we tried >>

Drive-in Cinemas – during New Zealand’s COVID-19 lockdown we worked with a bunch of forward-thinking people across the central city on an idea to create socially distanced drive-in cinema experiences at three locations in the city, that would be planned and marketed collaboratively in a way that celebrates the uniqueness of each locality and their hospitality offer, and would have the same safe, welcoming sense of fun at each location. This initiative involved Alice Cinematheque, the Isaac Theatre Royal, the Lumiere Theatre, Riverside Market, Little High and others. Licencing was a bit of a hurdle to sort out. But we had a game plan and … then the lockdown ended and cinemas re-opened!

New ideas for Christchurch’s stadium

The Greatest Community-led Regeneration Project Never to Happen

Popup Drive-in Cinema

NZTA Innovating Streets