Welcome, Meepleopolis!


Laura Taylor (SALT District trustee)

We are so excited to see Meepleopolis amplify the life and vitality of one of SALT District's best-kept secrets: Lichfield Courtyard at 150 Lichfield Street! Laura Taylor, a SALT Collective trustee, had a chat to Dean Holden about Meepleopolis - what's driving the team to create this destination for the city, and what drew them to SALT District...

Dean: Meepleopolis recently opened its doors in SALT District to deliver on our mission to build stronger and healthier communities through games!

Laura: that is so cool, and we know that playing is one of the great age-levellers - after all, we all have our inner child for life! So what do you guys offer your fun-loving visitors?

Dean: We've created this space as a board game cafe and bar with a fun atmosphere. We not only have custom-built game tables, a delicious selection of hot & pressed sandwiches, hot dogs, snack and desserts, and plenty of excitement with hundreds of games to play... but there's also a large selection of games and accessories for sale, a regular program of events, classes, competitions and promotions and a friendly team of game guides ready to help people of all experience levels find the right game for them.

Laura: I love it. Just what Christchurch families need to give their kids the experience of a night out in the city - max memories at max convenience! Sweet.... So, what do you love about the SALT District? I wonder what made you choose this place to set up, out of all the amazing places you *could* have been in central Ōtautahi?

Dean: We love being surrounded by like minded innovators, entrepreneurs and businesses working to make life better for us all!  It’s an honour to be situated amougst the amazing street art and thriving hospitality on offer throughout the SALT District.

Laura: Gosh we love to hear that... that's completely the SALT District community vibe. Well we wish you all the best with Meepleopolis, and take our hats off to anyone who sees the value in creating delight that is accessible to everyone. After all, this city is for all people. Thanks for doing what you do!

Meepleopolis is located in one of SALT District's best-kept secrets - the stunning Lichfield Courtyard (150 Lichfield Street)