FLARE | Meet the artist - Kophie Hulsbosch, aka MEEP (NZ/Samoa)


Laura Taylor


MEEP (Kophie Hulsbosch) is a Christchurch-based artist whose work spreads across a diverse range of fields, including graphic design, illustration, painting, graffiti, and clothing design. This output is heavily influenced by hip-hop culture, low-brow art, and the issue of sustainability.

Reuben Woods of Watch This Space (the team behind the city's crowdsourced map of street art locations past and present) recently wrote 'Kophie Hulsbosch - Future Proof' - a great interview diving deep into Kophie's perspective on identity, goals, her thinking around what is ethical practice and the impact areas she's passionate about... Read more >>

Something I loved in that interview was her reflection that the majority of people think that if you are not making money, you are not doing anything "it's the idea that our value in society is based on the money we make, which is flawed thinking…" Couldn't agree more.

No wonder then that a central intention in her work is the disruption of the status quo, reflected in her graffiti and her clothing brand @future_nz which is a response to mass production.⁠

⁠We are so proud to be working with MEEP and can't WAIT to see and feel the new layer of identity she'll be bringing to SALT District - a place gift perpetually shared with the city.

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Follow Kophie on Instagram via @kophie or @future_nz, or check out her website https://www.yoitskophie.com/

Featured image credit: Handmade Photography

FREEDOM (BERLIN WALL), 2021, Cashel Street, Christchurch. By MEEP. See more >>
HIP HOP HISTORY 2019, Flipout Christchurch See more>>