Meet High Street's newest purveyor of fine audio...


Laura Taylor

Hi everyone, a Springbok supporter is in your midst! My name is Hannes de Wet - I'm originally from South Africa, and have now been in Aotearoa for almost 5 years.

With a four-year-old boy and a fiery three-year-old daughter and a lovely wife, who I might add is a Lecturer at the University of Canterbury, there isn't a lot of time for hobbies. But on the odd weekend we love opening a lovely Merlot, sitting back and going on a 3-4 hour music video marathon.

My family is my first love and secondly it's music. I truly believe that music can change the world. Thus opening an high-end audio lifestyle showroom was in my stars.

We love Christchurch. We did have a short stint up in the Big Smoke but returned quickly, tail between the legs, to the promised land.

Now we're here in SALT District and can't wait to get to know others in the neighbourhood.

Come and visit me at our lifestyle showroom, Distinction Audio & Visual, at 181 High Street.

We're between World and Kennett Crafted Jewels.